Mobile Ethereum dapps

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  • Today, using an Ethereum dapp from your phone is painful. We're on a mission to fix that.
  • And when we say "fix that", we don't mean "put a CryptoKitties app on your phone and have it work about the same as it does on the web". We mean "woah, this is easier to use than any of the apps on my phone because the stuff with passwords and payments is way simpler".
  • Oh, and if you're a developer, you can use the Tasit SDK to build your own Ethereum dapp. Check out our GitHub in the footer.

Every dapp should be its own app

Almost no dapps have standalone mobile apps. If you've been using apps on your phone for a while, this experience feels way off. Some dapps can be used inside a single app like Coinbase Wallet or Status where it basically opens up a mini web browser, but this feels like a terribly broken experience. The ideal way for this to work would be installing each mobile dapp in a way that feels the same as installing any mobile app. We're here to make that happen.

Most apps shouldn't be a "wallet"

Just because cryptocurrencies deal with money doesn't mean that you need to do everything "inside" a wallet app. As of today, you can't easily use a dapp if you haven't bought ETH on Coinbase before. The ideal way for this to work would be a free onboarding process, with any costs incurred along the way subsidized by others. Even if you do already have ETH, you probably already have picked a wallet to keep that in - transferring some of it into a new app just to try it out is annoying. So once you do need to spend ETH in the app, you can stick with the wallet you've already chosen - all you need to do is give this mobile dapp permission to spend up to a certain amount of your ETH in another wallet.